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Segment 1

Mr R's Message to Parents

Segment 1 is the first step in getting your teen on the road. Whether this is the first time you have had a student with us or if you are among our many repeat customers, rest assured we will provide the superior personalized instruction we are known for. Your student will have 12 class sessions totaling 24 hours of classroom instruction and 6 behind the wheel instruction periods.

In class instruction workbooks and study guides designed to follow along with video presentation and lecture are provided. Materials are designed to give a broad understanding of defensive driving techniques. These materials will familiarize them with basic traffic law and help prepare them for the 80 question state mandated test given at the end of class.

The behind the wheel instruction periods are generally performed with one or two other students in the car making each driving lesson a total of two to three hours in length. This extra time they spend with us is valuable observation time. Students watch other drivers making basic mistakes and learn from them.

Making your student comfortable behind the wheel is a top priority. Our drives start in low stress environments and gradually increase in both complexity and difficulty. Our positive reinforcement and encouragement will help your student achieve and often surpass their personal expectations.

Working parents and busy students will appreciate the efforts we make to customize schedules around their busy lives. We will do our best to work with you to make the driving schedule as convenient and stress free as possible. We at Mr R’s look forward to working with you and your student.

After your child completes Segment 1 they will need to go to the Secretary of State Office to get there level one license (We called it a learners permit back in the day) . You must show them a certified birth certificate or visa. You and your child must also show proof of residency. (your drivers license is not enough) Here is a link to the State of Michigan’s check list. Please make a copy for yourself and start gathering the documents you will need.