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Mr R's tips to keep you rolling

Tip #1 Take care of your car

Your first car will probably be the best car you own for a long time. Cars are expensive and cars can be a risky purchase. The cars you are likely to be able to afford to buy for the next 5 -10 years will be guaranteed up until you hand over your money.

Your first car will probably come from family or friends and they will let you know the history of the car what works and what doesn't. The salesperson at the car lot doesn't know much about the cars .The cars come and go on a daily basis. The person selling a car on craigslist or on the side of the road usually bought the car at auction, did some minor repairs and is reselling it to you for a higher price. They don't know much about the car either.

You can keep your car running along time if you learn how to check your oil and coolant and then check it often. Also listen to your car, get use to the way it sounds and when it makes a new noise let your folks know so they can help you figure it out.

Checking Fluids

What if you overheat


Broken brakes?

Tip #2 Everyone has to be belted

Everyone who gets in your car has to be belted NO EXCEPTIONS. Parents, Grandparents, siblings and cousins all need to be belted. Regardless of what their reason might be they are a hazard to YOU if they are not belted. A 100 lb person would hit you with the force of a charging elephant in a serious crash. Even in minor crashes people have been killed or seriously injured by unbelted passengers head butting them.

This goes double for friends. They are your friends after all and they want your attention and you want theirs. The distractions of just conversations and story telling can be overwhelming at times, add to that the movements of unbelted passengers and it is a recipe for disaster.

Why Buckle Up In The Rear Seat?

Tip #3 If your tired do not drive

Every year many teens are injured or killed when they fall asleep behind the wheel. It can happen in an instant. Think of the times you have nodded off in class even though you were trying really hard to stay awake. When your driving it will not be a teacher waking you up, it will be the sound of your car going off the road or maybe you will not wake up at all.

Drowsy Driver

I was sleeping?

Tip #4 Do relax when you drive

Do not be an emotional driver. Do not get behind the wheel angry or upset it will affect your driving. Do not get angry at other drivers, sometimes drivers do stupid things usually it is not intentional it is just a mistake.It will be the same kind of mistakes you will make one day. So treat other drivers the way you want to be treated.

Don't Be A Rager

Dealing With A Rager

Tip #5 Have a phone with you

Always have a phone with you so you can call for help if your car breaks down or if you get lost. If you have an old phone that no longer has a plan attached to it, toss it in the glove box along with a charger. If you ever lose or break your phone you will still be able to call 911 in an emergency. You do not need a service plan to call 911.

Emergency Phone

Tip #6 Dont text and drive

This one should be obvious. Your hands are not on the wheel, your eyes are not on the road, your thumbs are fat and spelling is hard.

Text And Drive? Your Kidding Right?