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We get questions. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Do students really get to drive Challengers?

    • Yes 

  • Students don’t get to drive those every time they drive do they?

    • Yes they are the only cars we currently have in the stable.

  • Why Challengers?

    • We want our students to have an experience to remember. When they get behind the wheel of one of our cars,they feel trusted and special. They want to earn the right to continue to drive.

  • Are they safe to drive?

    • Absolutely all of our Challengers have Electronic Stability Control, High Performance Brakes, Speed Adjusted Steering,and Front and Rear Airbags.

  • Have you always used Challengers?

  •  Whats with all the comic book hero cars.

    • We want our students to form a positive attachment to the cars they drive. Giving them familiar names makes it easier. We encourage students to name their cars when they get them. Experience shows that a named car, gets treated with more respect.  

  • Do you ever get so frightened you want to quit?

    • No we only take our students to known environments. Our instructors have many years of experience and do not hesitate to take corrective measures early. We also have a brake on our side of the car.

  • Some of the kids you drive with must be really scary?

    • We start everyone out as if they have never driven anything regardless of what they tell us, that way we are only pleasantly surprised.

  •  Doesn’t it get boring go around the same places all time on your routes?

    • No because each student is different and learns in different ways.

  • Is being a driving instructor a good job?

    • It is the best job you will ever have. Please consider it for a second career. Tuition assistance is available. contact us for an interview.