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Covid Impact And Response

Drivers Education is a state regulated industry. We like every other industry waited for the magic day when things would normalize.

Currently we are offering classes in Birch Run, Caro and, in Midland at our new Eastlawn Plaza location.

We are given no advanced warning of when or what the dictated restrictions will be at any given time. These uncertainties can make a shambles of our schedules and make it difficult to provide customers with accurate information for planning. We have found the most efficient way to communicate necessary changes in schedules is by text.

The current dictates for Drivers Education is as follows:

Currently there are no special restrictions in place.

However we continue to routinely sanitize our cars and maintain large enough classrooms to allow physical distancing.

We of course have no idea when guidelines will change. When and if they do we will make changes necessary and update parents as soon as possible