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The First Car I Got To Drive

My first car was the old family Station Wagon (1961 Chevy Nomad ) sometimes referred to as the grocery getter. It was a less spacious version of the mini van.

Please notice the kids are all over the interior of the car. this is how families went down the road, there were no seat belts. Seat belts were not required to be installed in cars until 1968. Michigan did not require seat belt use until 1985.

Our family was fortunate we were never in a crash in that car. Always all days Buckle Up.

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Mrs Salinas
The first vehicle I got to drive was my brothers 1942 International Pick-up.
Epic Fail… Stick shift, no power steering, and I could barely reach the pedals. My brother and I went off the road and into the bushes. I was so scared I didnt drive again until I was 23. 
Dont be like me
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